E-Mail on ~grandline

Feature: e-mail


Currently the only way to register for an e-mail address is to ask me so I can manually add it to the mySQL database. When I add you, it will be using a dummy password, so please change it as soon as you are able using RoundCube. Please note that your mail address is completely separate from your general Linux account, and so you can have your address be anything you want.

RoundCube Webmail

You should be able to do almost anything e-mail related using the RoundCube Webmail client accessible here. Note that RoundCube is simply a PHP IMAP client. It does not have direct access to ~grandline's mail databases, except for changing your password. You do not need to enter "username@jahschwa.com" when using RoundCube, simply "username" will do.

Desktop Mail Client

If you would like to use a desktop client, that's fine too. I personally have Thunderbird working perfectly with several accounts on ~grandline. Please take note of "Username" below, as most clients do not add @jahschwa.com by default. Some clients may not require all information given below.

Alternate Ports

If you know what you're doing and can use STARTTLS but not regular (wrapper) TLS, you can use the SMTP Port given below. There is also a POP3 port just in case, but most users will want IMAP, not POP3.

SSL Certificates

You will likely receive a warning from your browser when using RoundCube or client when using a desktop client. It will be something along the lines of "Invalid certificate" or "Cannot confirm identity." This is because I am using self-signed certificates. Either add an exception in the program or add my CA certificate using this guide. If your program does not have instructions, either e-mail me or Google it.


Enjoy the e-mail, but be aware that some providers may mark mail from your account as spam by default since this is a personal mail server. I think I've remedied this issue on Gmail, but feel free to e-mail me if you have any problems. Also, the size limit for incoming and outgoing messages is 20MB, so keep that in mind.