Mumble on ~grandline

Feature: Voice Chat


I am now running Murmur on ~grandline, which is the server for the common Mumble chat client. It uses the Opus Audio Codec for the best balance between quality and compression.

Installing Mumble

Mumble is open source, so getting it is easy. See their homepage for current download links. The links provided below may be outdated. Then just go through the audio wizard and certificate wizard and the client's all setup. I highly recommend you bind a push-to-talk key at this point (I use the middle mouse button).

Connecting to ~grandline

All the info you need to connect is provided below. It should prompt you for the password when you first try to connect to ~grandline. Do not share the password with anyone who does not have a ~grandline account without asking me first. If you have not yet trusted ~grandline's Root Certificate, you may receive a security prompt. Either choose "Allow" or follow the instructions here to trust ~grandline system-wide.


Okay, now just double click on a room to join it and start chatting with other pirates! If you want another room just let me know and I'll make it. Also, it's a good idea to right click on your username once you are connected and choose "Register". This makes certain that only you are able to use that username on ~grandline's Mumble server. Note that registration is done with public key authentication and thus is tied to the computer from which you clicked "Register".