Customizing Grandline

Tutorial: Getting Started

Your Row on the Homepage

You can customize how your row appears on the pirates page. All you have to do is edit your ~/index.conf. The basic options are explained below, as well as in the file itself. Lines in the file beginning with the # character are ignored (i.e. they are "commented out"). Note that the pirates page is updated every minute at :00 seconds, so your changes may not be visible immediately. You will also have to click the refresh button for your changes to show. Detailed descriptions of advanced options can be found at Feature: Pirates Page.


The background color of your row, accepts X11 Color Names or Hex values.


The font color of your row, accepts X11 Color Names or Hex values.


The name displayed in the second column.

Example index.conf

This is an excerpt from my own configuration file at /home/laptopdude/index.conf. You can view the results on the pirates page.

bgcolor deeppink
fontcolor white
nickname Josh Haas

Creating and Posting to a Blog

I have some helpful scripts setup for creating a basic blog with Pelican. All you have to do to get started is run setup-blog and answer the questions. You'll then have a blog at and a post-it note should appear in your row on the pirates page. For detailed instructions see Feature: Blog.

Creating and Viewing Schedules

I've implemented a bunch of Python scripts to read schedules from files in your home directory and create ASCII and HTML versions. Rowan students can save their "Concise Student Schedule" page as rowan.html and transfer it to ~grandline as ~/rowan.html. You can add your own events by editing your ~/sched.conf file. For details visit the Schedule Help page.

  1. If you're a Rowan student, save your "Concise Student Schedule" as ~/rowan.html
  2. Add custom events to your ~/sched.conf
  3. Edit the options at the bottom of your ~/sched.conf
  4. Enter the command sched and press enter
  5. Your schedule is now viewable in ~/sched-ascii.txt or with sched username
  6. It is also present as ~/public_html/sched.html
  7. You can view it online at


With a spiffy new row on the Homepage, I think it's time to make your very first webpage. Head over to My First Webpage to get started.