Been Awhile

It has been awhile since I've used this process. I'm trying to recover all those little tricks I used nine months ago for this blog.

What to say, what to say..

Well everything is new.

That new job I wrote about in February has been wonderful to me. 2016: Year of Change hasn't been so easy on me but change never is. However, in this case, I prefer the changes to old cycles.

I've been trying to learn music since a few months back. It's going better than I expected to be frank but the learning is still slow. It's not a worry though, I enjoy the challenge of learning something new.

I miss learning since school. No, I miss learning since I last messed around with knowledge by myself. I enjoy playing with things until I get them right or at least make them work so attempting a new challenge like this is.. exhilarating in a way. I'm excited.

I like to think that one can never have too many media for expression.

Well, I'm gonna leave this short and