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  1. 2.20.17

    Well it has certainly been an interesting few months since I last wrote. Graveyard shifts make anti-social habits and habits can be hard to break. January was shocking and a shockingly slow start to the new year.

    Since February started I travelled to Ohio and Houston, TX for work. It …

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  2. It's Now October

    Which means it's the time of year when people start talking about how quickly the year has gone. Maybe it's just a summer thing, like when you go on vacation for a couple weeks, come back and feel like everything has changed while you were gone.

    Maybe it's the changing …

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  3. Been Awhile

    It has been awhile since I've used this process. I'm trying to recover all those little tricks I used nine months ago for this blog.

    What to say, what to say..

    Well everything is new.

    That new job I wrote about in February has been wonderful to me. 2016: Year …

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  4. New Job

    I was recently in Long Island. I traveled for work so I didn't get to visit the city or anyone. #fam

    I really enjoyed the work though. The team worked very well with one another.

    On the way back, I was recommended to check out a rapper named Andy Mineo …

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  5. The Best Thing

    The best thing happened the other day when I realized something. I realized that 2015 is almost over. This elated me for many a reason, one being that the year twenty quinge year of shyt is finally abolut to end. Jesus, it has been a long year. That should be …

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  6. MC Kraft

    Now, I don't know if this is normal. Certainly a great way to begin a personal piece.

    I just made some Kraft's Macaroni & Cheese and it was delicious. And you know Kraft, you can make it any way. They suggest that you use a specific amount of milk and even …

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  7. Writing


    is such a strange action. I'm putting words on a page to help someone understand my thoughts. And if my thoughts don't connect or transfer well from one to the other, people will think my writing is bad.

    Maybe one reason some people don't like to write is because …

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  8. Concerts

    My first concert was at Citi Field in 2013. Foreigner played after a Mets game. Granted, it wasn't what one would consider a typical concert. Many people have vivid memories of standing in a day-long line with their friends and parents as well as the subsequent fighting for breathing room …

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