New Job

Published: Tue 2016-02-02
Updated: Mon 2016-02-08
By bida sirbida

In job.

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I was recently in Long Island. I traveled for work so I didn't get to visit the city or anyone. #fam

I really enjoyed the work though. The team worked very well with one another.

On the way back, I was recommended to check out a rapper named Andy Mineo and I recommend you do the same. I enjoyed his lyricism and talent for turning a phrase in a way that doesn't demean it but adds more depth. I know what you're thinking; you're thinking "that sounds like anyone in the rap game, Tim." Well, I don't care. Maybe I just relate to him better than others. If you don't like it you can go sit on a pine cone.

Anyway, I'm excited to be working with this team more often. I think the company functions well and I'm hopeful that the positivity I experience at work will be helpful in my everyday life. Just the other day I listened to an audio book about feeding the positive dog inside of me while starving the negative dog. It was interesting to hear how doing something so simple can change one's entire life around.

Truthfully, I was afraid I would not fit in too well with the group as they are extremely friendly with each other. After my initial interview, I was told to relax and just be myself more and everything would be fine. It was strange to see someone telling me to be more myself and comfortable around everyone. Of course, in this case it makes complete sense because we need to want to spend this time with our co-workers, given how much time we'll be spending together over each weekend.

I'm excited for this new beginning and I truly hope I take advantage of it. I'm also excited to be working around and dealing with people again. Interacting with customers and co-workers was my favorite part of my job in Boston and I'm glad to have it again.

I feel welcomed by a new family and I can only do my best going forward, but that is exactly what I'm going to do.