The Best Thing

The best thing happened the other day when I realized something. I realized that 2015 is almost over. This elated me for many a reason, one being that the year twenty quinge year of shyt is finally abolut to end. Jesus, it has been a long year. That should be enough.

But then,
it got better.

I saw something on a social netowrking site with the phrase year in review. As I went to read the enticing article, my brain realized that a year in review would mean we are coming to the close of the current year.

Now you may not know this,
but at the end of every year, Spotify is willing to share the information it has been collecting over time. Spotify tells you who you listened to most or which new things caught you going into another music genre.

You must be thinking 'Well obviously.'
Not that I can blame you anyways. When I first began using Spotify, it well was the second half of the 2013 year. By the end of the year, the data stored was only my recent interests (which of course was so recent that I still listened to them) so I knew the information would just tell me what I already knew.

And that's how I thought it was going to be as we got towards the end of 2014. I was sure as sugar that I could predict which songs and playlists where played from my account the most often.

I was wrong.
Most of my predictions were a close second or third to another. It told me how often I listened to Fall Out Boy during the first half of the year to prepare for Monumentour 2014 in June. And boy, that concert was amazing. I kept listening hard for the next few weeks even.

Then it showed my song choice
as Sia's Chandelier. Once again, I did not understand or believe these results until I recognized the significance I had given the song by listening so much.

These are two things I might not have realized that have helped me get to where I am now.

Moral of the story: Spotify has been great but it won't be able to matchup to Apple Music and Tidal. If you're going to buy stock in one of these three, go for Apple or Tidal.

Best, bida