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  1. It's Now October

    Which means it's the time of year when people start talking about how quickly the year has gone. Maybe it's just a summer thing, like when you go on vacation for a couple weeks, come back and feel like everything has changed while you were gone.

    Maybe it ...

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  2. Been Awhile

    It has been awhile since I've used this process. I'm trying to recover all those little tricks I used nine months ago for this blog.

    What to say, what to say..

    Well everything is new.

    That new job I wrote about in February has been wonderful to me ...

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  3. New Job

    Published: Tue 2016-02-02
    Updated: Mon 2016-02-08
    By bida sirbida

    In job.

    tags: job

    I was recently in Long Island. I traveled for work so I didn't get to visit the city or anyone. #fam

    I really enjoyed the work though. The team worked very well with one another.

    On the way back, I was recommended to check out a rapper named Andy ...

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