My first concert was at Citi Field in 2013. Foreigner played after a Mets game. Granted, it wasn't what one would consider a typical concert. Many people have vivid memories of standing in a day-long line with their friends and parents as well as the subsequent fighting for breathing room in the general admission floor space to see a concert they have been waiting what feels like their whole lives for.

My experience was much better. I suppose there's room for argument here but this was the best environment for me. Baseball has always been a passion and allows me to feel safe. I wasn't nervous for the concert as my family and I would simply be standing up for it. We didn't have to force our way closer through a sea of people, we had the entire show in front of us.

At first, I was afraid I might not consider the concert a legitimate concert experience because of the afforementioned reasons but now I realize how that made the experience that much better.

My dad has a unique taste in music and is the reason I know many songs my friends have never heard. My mother sticks to a few big stars in her books but doesn't play them often. But, the first concert my parents went to see together was ... you guessed it, Foreigner.

It was the best introduction into live music I could have had and while part of me wishes I didn't have to wait so long for it, another part realizes how lucky I am.