is such a strange action. I'm putting words on a page to help someone understand my thoughts. And if my thoughts don't connect or transfer well from one to the other, people will think my writing is bad.

Maybe one reason some people don't like to write is because it may feel like people don't accept your ideas when really they just can't comprehend the thoughts you have. I feel as though initially, you can only write from things you know.

Later, as you get more used to writing, you want to open up your horizons and try using templates that authors have also tested in the past.

As with any avenue we want to better, we need to practice. They say the mind is a muscle and must be used on a regular basis to get used to the type of work I'm currently requesting it to do.

I bet parts of my brain don't want to take orders from the decision-making part. Maybe that's why it is a struggle sometimes, because the rest of my brain is rebelling. Can't say I blame it, the decision-making part of my brain isn't very impressive.

Either way, that closes the end of my rant and the addition of more content for this blog.