Happy Music - Tegan and Sara

Thu 2015-06-18

You may know them from the LEGO Movie in the song “Everything is Awesome!” but there is a lot more to the Canadian identical twins Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin than their poppy, catchy tunes. Making music together since they were 15, Tegan and Sara enjoy reading, hair, ships, vampires, hot dogs, talking and relating to elderly people, self-soothing, rearranging furniture, and giving excellent advice, according to their website. The sisters are both openly gay and are active advocates for marriage equality.

Here is one of their catchiest songs, “Closer” from their newest album, Heartthrob:

Their previous albums were indie pop and had a youthful sound that I love and relate to. Check out their song, “Take Me Anywhere” from their album So Jealous:


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