I love the world

Fri 2015-06-19

The great thing about blogs is that they make it really easy to share who you are for those who might not understand. Something I want to share is how much love I carry around with me every day. Right now, I’m sitting here at my cubicle trying to pass the time while I wait for tasks -- and I feel so much. People are talking with each other about work, passing through the hallway, clicking away at their keyboards. I love all of them so, so, so much. Half I don’t even know but I want them to have the best lives ever and would love to express that through a huge hug.

Reading over what I just wrote, it sounds like I think I’m so great. Some people think I’m arrogant and narcissistic. Though I can be a little bit of both, that’s not it. I really feel this way and unless I’m distracting myself, I feel this almost physical pull towards everyone.

This makes it especially hard when there is pain and strife. All the people dying and suffering in the world are like loved ones to me. This also applies to animals because I see animals as people. The whole world is my family and sometimes I just have to cry. My poor boyfriend gets to deal with me crying uncontrollably once every couple of months when I can’t ignore or bottle it up anymore.

I want to wrap the entire world in my arms and sing them a peaceful lullaby. If only it were socially acceptable to run around hugging everyone and telling them that I love them. (Check out my post on “Free Hugs,” the liberation of hugs, for more of my opinion on that.) For now, I’ll sit here silently exploding until I can distract myself again...

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